Bridgerton inspired Wedding Ideas

If you haven’t watched @bridgertonnetflix yet, consider yourself cordially invited. Check out these Bridgerton inspired Wedding Ideas, as social media is buzzing about the sexy Duke, the steamy romance and the stunning, regency inspired costume designs with bright colors, floral patterns and empire waists that will surely impact the wedding world and fashion trends in general. We are even more obsessed and absolutely mesmerized by the magnificent set design by @gina.cromwell 

Bridgerton inspired Wedding Ideas; keep an eye out for black and white dance floors, fountains as focal points, crystal candelabras and chandeliers, coupe champagne glasses, formal gardens, wild climbing vines with blooms, pyrotechnics, couple portraits on display, rock and pop string ensembles, harps, hand fans, flowers in hair and feathers of every description. Also can’t wait to see the many creative ways that the event industry brings back dance cards??

With all this amazing NEW event inspiration, We just had to share some details from the first season with NO spoilers. Your welcome. Since Netflix doesn’t allow screenshots or screen recordings, please forgive these low quality images and go binge watch the first season yourself. 

Let’s talk about the lavish lifestyle in Netflix’s Bridgerton. In between staring into the Duke of Hastings’ dreamy eyes and trying to uncover who Lady Whistledown might be, you were busy admiring the Regency era decor. Whether you plan a small intimate wedding or a large reception, you can gather up some Bridgerton Inspired Wedding Ideas from the show to give your day that same high society feel.

With a few Bridgerton inspired Wedding Ideas touches, your space will start to feel like the Bridgertons’ drawing room. Get some embroidery hoops to decorate an empty wall or wisteria plants to hang on your walls. Designate a corner space for regal mirror selfies, and be sure to incorporate antique furnishings to give it that Bridgerton vibe. You could even give your photo corner an accent wall with 19th century-style wallpaper and frames. 

If you plan your event with us in the original film sets in London. Follow this link to find out more.

We hope you might even catch some of these Bridgerton inspired Wedding Ideas that will transform your day faster than Lady Whistledown can report the gossip of the town.