Chinese Wedding Planner Austria, Vienna

As Chinese wedding planner in Austria we know from experience that the ‘sound of music’ with its impressive Alps and Palais is the perfect backdrop for a wedding or celebration and in any season. Our weddings are well known for their breathtaking decor and awe-inspiring results, and are instantly recognisable in style. An innovative approach to event production, as a Chinese wedding planner Austria we are combining the client’s traditions with our “Made in Germany” perfection essence. To create the perfect celebration, we are inspired by the couple’s imagination transforming it into a magnificent, unforgettable and unique event. Our productions are always elegant, featuring signature decor characterised by an astonishing attention to the choice of spaces, shapes and colours, as well as lighting study and design that translate into a beautiful harmony of elements.

The main focus of our company is our bespoke luxury wedding planning, design and management service. We assist our clients in creating memorable, magical celebrations that exceed expectations. Whether it’s a traditional or a western wedding, Chinese celebrations of love and lifelong commitment are a wonderful fusion of many elements. Us as Chinese wedding planner in Austria, we curate each unique celebration – from sourcing an exclusive venue to orchestrating a spectacular firework extravaganza. We are also on hand to organise any particulars and practicalities, such as city tours, private transportation for your guests, and Mandarin or Cantonese-speaking assistants. Just say the word.

Chinese wedding: where traditional meets modern

Each Chinese marriage celebration is unique, whether it’s a destination wedding in Europe or a small and intimate affair. Some couples blend elements from a traditional Chinese wedding with stylish modern touches.

We offer a specialist, bespoke service for weddings and celebrations in Vienna, Salzburg and throughout Austria. 
Our portfolio includes palais, mountains, historic buildings and villages, world-class hotels as well as privately owned villas. We can arrange private tours and receptions in museums, galleries and at world-renowned concerts.

Chinese wedding venues Austria : planning luxury destination weddings

From our offices in London we plan luxury destination weddings and celebrations across the globe – from castles to vineyards, private villas, yachts and some of the world’s finest hotels. You may be based in China and seeking our services abroad, or located elsewhere in the world and hoping to work with us for a destination wedding or celebration in the UK or overseas. We have a global network of strong relationships with suppliers to ensure that wherever in the world we are working, our high standards of service, event production and design are deliverable.

With a plethora of luxury venues; from some of the world’s finest hotels to luxurious, authentic private villas, Austria has been the perfect backdrop for some of our favourite weddings and parties.

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