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One Of The The Best Wedding Designers And Florists Is Based In London

You might be working with one of the country’s best planners and secured one of the best photographers out there, but your ceremony, tablescapes, and bouquet should be thoughtful–and conceptualized by a Luxury Florist in London. Remember, there’s no exact formula to what makes a dream team of vendors; leave it to your planner to advise on how your design team should come together, and the key players needed to bring the ideas you love to life.

We tapped the expertise of one our favorite florists for tips on how to make your wedding the best it can be, as well as details on their look, vibe, and process to help you hone in on who you’ll book. Below, our recommendation of an international well known floral designer who is actually based in London to tap for your upcoming celebrations.

Our recommendation as Luxury Florist in London is: Timo Bolte Floraldesign

Timo Bolte is an atelier that creates ephemeral experiences for events. They uses flowers to transform mood and create ambience.  Known as the luxury event designer in London for a reason: Travelling all over the globe to design the most lavish events. Bold yet simple, with a unique twist on shape and colour, his floral creations have won the hearts of guests, celebrities, critics and even royalty, and put him on the map as an international tastemaker.

The Look: His look is romantic, enticing and decadent, a nod to still-life paintings of Dutch masters—with a modern twist.

The Approach: His goal is to immerse clients into his world of flowers and design. For him, florals are more than just an accent to the overall space, they create an experience and tell a story. They are the designers for people who are obsessed with color and nature.

Expert Advice: Instead of having florals everywhere, try to focus on impactful moments and installations. This will create more of an impact for guests and to the space. Maybe it’s all about the tablescape, a focal arrangement, or a hanging piece. Don’t be afraid to think big!

Wedding to Note: Last year they were working on a super size royal wedding in Dubai! They have also focused on incredible destination weddings in places like Italy, Lebanon, Serbia and Kuwait.

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